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I don’t spend all day in the kitchen but I do set aside time each week to plan meals for the week, do the grocery shopping + make up some ready to go meals for when I am really busy. I try and make dinner fresh every day but it’s more time effective for me to have breakfasts and lunches prepped. This means when I am busy and get hungry - I’m not reaching for a quick fix or junkmanaging your time well saves money, prevents food wastage and means you are eating clean! This is something I speak to clients about in consults - being time poor is something I can relate to - I work and study 2 different degrees + fit time in to MOVE my body, get outside, see loved ones and have down time, cook, clean, (wash my hair- got to schedule this one in) - SO as a result of this - I am not perfect, my diet isn’t perfect, my sleep isn’t perfect, my self care isn’t perfect and my exercise isn’t perfect. Clients personal schedules are always considered when formulating a treatment plan! 

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