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Vaginal Microbiome

A healthy vaginal microbiome is key in helping us reduce the risk of infection and providing an optimal environment for sexual enjoyment.

For those who are pregnant - a healthy vaginal microbiome provides immune supportive flora for newborns (if birthing via the vaginal canal).

If you deal with recurrent vaginal infections such as thrush or BV please seek professional support!

The top vaginal ecosystem disrupters

- Antibiotics

- Low vitamin D

- Heavy/frequent bleeding

- Oestrogen (too low/high)

- Toxic hygiene products

- GI dysbiosis

- STI’s

- Cigarette smoking

- Foreign body

- Douching

Red flags

- Itching

- Odour

- Burning

- Irritation

- Redness

- Painful intercourse

Image via @theheraseries

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