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Water is the most important substance you will ever put into your body - next to oxygen.

It is so important to drink clean, filtered water - I emphasise this to every patient. 

Australian drinking water is adulterated with numerous toxicants like chlorine, lead and copper from old pipes, agricultural herbicides and fertilisers, fluorinated persistent chemicals known as PFAS and trihalomethanes. 

Run off from industry and agriculture can pollute the water supply with heavy metals, solvents and petroleum products. 

Furthermore - Fluoride can be found in drinking water. Two forms of fluoride can be found in tap water and are bi products of fertilisers and refining industries. 

The CDC define fluoride as extremely toxic in high doses. (According to the World Health Organisation - Countries that do not have fluoride present in water have not seen a difference in tooth decay - just for those wondering about dental health!) 

To ensure I am consuming clean and pure drinking water I use a @zazenalkalinewater in my home! It safely and effectively reduces fluoride up to 90% plus heavy metals & other harmful toxins. It has a State-of-the-Art 10 Stage Process- designed by zazen in Australia for local water conditions together with the world’s leading water scientists.

Zazen is unique because it remineralises water! Water that contains the right properties, including a balanced range of minerals, is readily received and absorbed into the body for cellular hydration!

An alternative to the Zazen could just be a counter top jug filter - see my ‘water’ highlight for more information!

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